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Are You Planning A Party With A Hawaiian Theme?

Does summertime equal entertaining at home for you? Maybe you have a beautiful backyard and you would love to show it off each summer. Will you be having out-of-town guests staying at your home as well? If so, you are more than likely planning events that your guests will enjoy. No matter if your entertaining will include friends and extended family members who live in your area or out-of-towners, from planning a luau to selecting entertainment to go along with it, here are some ideas that might help you.

Plan A Luau

Of course, simply grilling different meats and eating outside would be fun for you and your guests, but consider taking things a step further by planning a luau. While there are professional caterers that will do the luau for you, consider planning the luau yourself. 

Start with buying a bunch of colorful leis for all of you to wear. In fact, invite everybody to wear Hawaiian-style clothes on the day you'll be hosting the luau. The food will be a big part of your event. You certainly don't need to have a whole roasted pig with an apple in its mouth like the ones you've seen in movies; however, roasted pork with grilled pineapple on the side would be a great choice for the main part of your meal. Sides like rice and grilled vegetables would be good, too.

Get fancy on the dessert. Get fancy bowls and fill them with ice cream and cake. Then place a wafer on top of the combination and douse the wafer with an alcoholic beverage. Right when you're ready to serve the dessert, light the wafer. Presto! You've got mini volcano desserts.

Plan The Entertainment

Think of having somebody teach all of you how to do the hula. There are probably professionals in your area that will be happy to come to your house for that purpose. The dancer or dancers will start with a demonstration of the dance and maybe even explain what the dance represents. After the demonstration, they will show you and your guests dance steps that are very easy to do. The Hawaiian music that is played will help to get everybody in the mood to loosen up and dance up a storm.

Think of ending your Hawaiian themed event with a movie. Elvis Presley's classic Blue Hawaii would be one great choice for you to watch together with your guests.