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3 Ways A Digital Caricature Artist Can Attract Guests To Trade Show Booths

No matter what kind of business you run, you want to do anything you can to attract guests to your trade show booth and find an opportunity to showcase your products and services. Live entertainment can help attract crowds, but options become limited with the trade show space you have available. Consider the use of a live cartoonist at your booth.

A live cartoonist will draw caricatures of guests and provide a print out of their digital full-color creation. Learn how the artists will create individual portraits and attract guests to your booth to spend extra time in the area.

1. Free Souvenirs

When you cover the costs for a live cartoon artist for trade shows, the fees include the art renders and print outs for all of the guests who visit your booth. The idea of visiting a trade show and coming home with a free souvenir provides excitement for guests. At other locations like theme parks, carnivals, and malls, a caricature artist can cost a lot of money.

Guests will see the value in a live cartoonist and visit your booth to take advantage of the free souvenir. The souvenir goes above and beyond typical trade show products like pencils, stickers, or water bottles.

2. Live HD Monitors

Even if guests do want a cartoon drawing, they can watch others go through the process. While the artist works on a small digital device, a large HD monitor screencasts the whole process. Guests will get to see the artist at work and how they can transform each person into a caricature.

The live monitors can draw attention from guests, get them to stay and watch longer, or entice them to sit down for a caricature of their own. The monitor itself will also showcase your business name and logo to help with recognition from anyone who visits your booth.

3. Caricature Print Outs

When guests leave your booth with their printed artwork, they will likely walk around with art throughout the trade show. Other guests will see the art and may inquire where to get their own drawing done. Word of mouth can help draw guests to your booth and increase the attention your company gets.

Impressed guests may show off the caricature to others and help create a lot of buzz around your company and the live artwork taking place.

You will see how a live artist can make a big difference with the trade show experience and help you connect with potential customers.

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