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What Are Some Things You Might See At An Aerialist Show?

Watching aerialists perform is a great way to enjoy a unique form of entertainment. In fact, watching aerialists can be fun for anyone. If you've never seen an aerialist performance, you're in for a treat. Here are some of the stunts and tricks you might see if you host or attend an aerialist show.

1) Aerial Hoop

The aerial hoop is a circular steel ring that aerialists perform tricks on during a show. This hoop is also sometimes called the lyra. Aerialists climb, spin, and hang upside down from the hoop, performing impressive feats of strength, flexibility, and grace.

2) Silks

Silks are long, smooth strips of fabric that aerialists use to perform their tricks. Aerialists climb, wrap, and suspend themselves from the fabric, displaying endurance, flexibility, and artistry. Silks are often colorful and bold, adding to the beauty of the aerialist's performance. Music is often played as well to enhance the mood.

3) Trapeze

The trapeze is a steel bar that aerialists swing from. You may also hear these performers referred to as trapeze artists. They use the trapeze to perform flips, catches, and other stunts. The trapeze can be performed solo or with a partner for added entertainment during a show.

4) Rope

Rope is another aerial apparatus that aerialists use to perform their tricks. Aerialists climb, swing, and wrap themselves around the rope, displaying strength, coordination, and flexibility. Rope tricks can be performed solo or with a partner.

5) Hoop Diving

Hoop diving is a dangerous but impressive stunt that aerialists sometimes perform. The aerialist dives through a hoop, spinning and flipping in the air before landing safely on the ground. This trick takes a lot of practice and skill to perfect.

6) Ball Stunts

The ball is an apparatus that aerialists juggle or balance on. The ball can be made of different materials, such as rubber or cloth. Aerialists use the ball to perform tricks that require balance and coordination.

These are just some of the things you might see at an aerialist show. If you have the chance to attend one, you're sure to be amazed by the aerialists' strength, dexterity, and artistry. You can watch a show alone or book one for an office party, birthday, or other celebration. Find out more about the perks of watching aerialists show productions by contacting a company that offers these entertainment services.

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