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Choose The Right Position For A Bagpiper To Play At A Funeral

Live music from a local musician can always add a special feel to any funeral, and one particular type of music that can feel especially appropriate during this solemn occasion is bagpipe music. An internet search can connect you with a local bagpiper who has experience playing music at several other types of events, including funerals. There will be lots of things to discuss with this professional before the funeral, including where they'll stand to perform. Here are some things to consider as you evaluate different positions.


When your bagpiper shows up at the funeral you're helping to organize, they will be dressed head to toe in traditional attire. A traditional bagpiper's outfit will help to add a special look to the funeral. Given their appearance, you want the bagpiper to be visible to those who attend the service. Think about the layout of the funeral home or church and discuss some potential ideas with the bagpiper. For example, you might ask them to stand in the balcony area of a church where they'll be visible to everyone who is on the ground floor.


Bagpipes have a reputation as a loud instrument, but the reality is that an experienced piper can play at several different volumes. You'll want to discuss some appropriate positions for them to play based on the volume of their instrument. For example, you want them in an area that allows everyone to properly hear the bagpipes, but you also don't want the volume to be too loud for people who may be in close proximity. The bagpiper can suggest some spots around the venue that will be suitable based on their typical playing volume.

Flow Of People

You will also want to think about the flow of people before, during, and after the service, and pick a spot for the bagpiper to play in which they won't be in the way. For example, while it might make sense to have them stand at the end of the aisle at a church, they will have to move when the processional approaches them. Thinking about how people will move around the venue throughout the funeral service will allow you to identify some key areas that won't experience much foot traffic. One of these areas will likely be a good spot for your bagpiper to perform. Look online to find a funeral bagpiper in your local area.