Two Reasons Why You Should Become A Celebrity Impersonator

If you've had several people mention that you happen to look like a particular celebrity, you might not have paid much attention to the remarks. Although it can be flattering to know that you favor someone in the limelight, you may have taken the compliments in with a shrug and a laugh. However, rather than overlook your resemblance to someone who is famous, it might be time for you to capitalize on it by becoming a celebrity impersonator.

Comedy And Cancer: Using Laughter As A Medicine

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is no laughing matter. Finding out that you are battling cancer can change many aspects of your daily life. Each decision you make must be carefully thought out to ensure you don't hinder your treatment. While the type of entertainment you choose to participate in might not seem like it would make a difference, opting to watch a comedian can actually aid you in your fight against cancer.